Brooke Adams

Ava Hall plays center field for the Ladycats.

Morgan Minno, Feature Writer

Ava Hall is excited for the rest of her junior season on the softball team. Hall has been playing softball since she was little. She quit for a while, but then came back to play during her sophomore year of high school. 

Hall is very excited for the rest of the season and is ready to continue to help out the team in any way she can. 

“Helping out the team is something I look forward to so much. We lost a lot of key players last season, so coming into this one was a struggle, and I’m glad to be a part of it and help out,” says Hall. 

The student athlete  plays center field and catcher on the varsity team. Considering they lost key players, Hall stepped in and has been playing anywhere she possibly could to help the team out. There are so many memories Hall has with her team such as going to Tennessee last year, winning games, and even watching her teammates cracking one over the fence. 

The junior has so many memories that she wishes she could go back and live over again. She is so excited to play out the rest of her junior year and to have the best time during her senior year. 

“I am so excited to see what the future holds for our team. Even when I leave, I hope the team improves every year and has a chance every time they step out on the field or get on the plate,” says Hall. 

Hall claims that there are many things that the team could work on. Some of those things include attitude, attacking the ball when going up to bat, and even making sure they make easy plays in the field. Hall feels that the girls on the team get along very well, which is a positive thing. 

Hall believes that her team has so much talent. Having so many good girls on the team really makes her believe that her team can become better as the games and years go on.

“Our team has so much potential and talent. We just need to put it all together and once we do we will be a decent team,” says the athlete.