Kerri Morris

Katie Morris is a varsity pitcher for the Ladycats.

Marissa Metzka, Feature Writer

Katie Morris is an athlete at Struthers High School and a great student.

Morris started playing softball at a very young age and has now been playing for 10 years.

Morris can play multiple positions such as pitcher and first base.

“I really like playing first base because there is a lot of action in the field. I get to make a lot of outs at first,” says Morris.

Morris is now in her second year of high school softball, and this is her first year on varsity.

Morris had many motivations to start playing, but her dad was definitely a big part.

“My dad really motivated me to play when I was young, and it has just kind of stuck with me since,” says Morris.

Morris works best and bonds best with her other pitcher and first baseman, Morgan Minno.

Morris is making a big transition this year from last year, this season is a big change for everyone.

“This season is very different from last season because I am transitioning from JV to varsity, so it is a little stressful for me. It is also stressful for the rest of my team because we lost a key player, and Morgan and I had to step up to pitch this year. I am enjoying my time, but it is definitely very intense and a lot of pressure,” says Morris.