Baylon Myers has been enjoying his freshman track season.

Nadia Galazia, Feature Writer

Braylon Myers is a freshman at Struthers High School and is on the Struthers Wildcat track and field team. This will be his third year being on the team, and he is excited for more years to come.

Myers comes ready for any practice or game for his team. He is a strong aspect the team has and he has been progressing from the first year he started.

The player brings his best work towards the team, and it benefits him as well as everyone else around him. He throws shot put and discus; it is definitely something that takes someone dedicated to do. 

“In track, I throw shot put and discus. I have been for three years and it is a team that I enjoy being on,” says Myers.

He has been playing track for three years, and it is an exciting thing for him. This year, the team has been doing very well.

Myers is glad to be on a team that has been working hard for the season.

“We are good this year and have strong people on the team. I get excited when I win my events and when my teammates win theirs,” says Myers.

The thrower enjoys playing and hopes to go further with his skills.

Myers is a talented athlete for the Struthers Wildcat track and field team.

“Well as of right now, I plan on doing it throughout highschool and maybe further in college,” says the thrower.