Brooke Adams

Mr. Kornbau has been teaching for 16 years.

Laci Ekoniak, Feature Writer

How long have you been a Language Arts teacher

Mr. Kornbau: 16 years

What is your favorite part about teaching English?

Mr. Kornbau: I like the flexibility given to English teachers in that he/she can choose his/her own works to teach

What is your favorite book?

Mr. Kornbau: “1984”

What is your favorite book genre?

Mr. Kornbau: I’m not sure I have one favorite.  I enjoy works from multiple genres.  

What is your favorite topic to teach?

Mr. Kornbau: Students seem to love drama, so maybe drama.  

How do books prepare students for the real world?

Mr. Kornbau: No matter where one goes or what one does, he/she will always need polished reading skills. 

What advice would you give to an upcoming student who wants to be an English teacher?

Mr. Kornbau: Be organized, be patient, and be focused.  This applies to any profession.