Brooke Adams

Tekiera Brown-Holness is doing great during her sophomore track season.

Natalie Burosky, Feature Writer

Tekeira Brown-Holness is a sophomore who runs track and participates in the 4×2. 

About once a week or possibly more, the track team meets up with other schools and they race each other to see who is faster. 

You have to have the right mindset to be able to win the race. 

“I think the hardest part about it is having the right mindset. You have to envision yourself progressing or you will not make any progress. Also, it’s very hard to have the right pace, especially when running events 400 and up,” says Holness. 

Winning always encourages the team and Holness herself. 

Winning and getting to have fun on the bus rides is the best part for Holness. 

“I like when we win our relays and the bus rides to and from meets,” says the sophomore. 

The track team has already gotten some great scores and have broken some records. 

The future for the team looks like there is potential to break even more records. 

“I think that there will be faster people that will break even more of our school records,” says Holness.