Brooke Adams

Marley Tarr, freshman, is looking forward to her sophomore year.

Elena Bullen, Feature Writer

Marley Tarr is a freshman at Struthers High School who is a part of the softball and volleyball team. 

Softball has been a big part of Tarr’s life. The season is always long and stressful for some.

The player has always played since she was little. She hopes to go back to enjoying the sport again. 

“I’ve played softball all my life but quit for four years, so this is my first year back,” said Tarr. 

The Lady Cats softball team hasn’t always had a good winning season. Every team has a struggle no matter what the circumstances are. 

The JV team has some struggles themselves. 

“I think fielding is a big struggle for our team,” says the pitcher. 

Young athletes growing up always have an inspiration or a person they look up to. It gives them motivation to get better and pushes them.  

Tarr has some struggles through the season and when things are tough she looks up to her inspiration. 

“I think a big inspiration for me is my dad or my coaches. They give me a reason to keep playing when things are tough,” stated the freshman.