The Wildcat Warehouse is open on Thursdays from 7:30-7:50 a.m.

Mia Rodriguez, News Writer

Students at Struthers are being awarded for their good behavior throughout the year with exciting prizes.

At the high school, they do something called “Wildcat Wins.” These are sheets of paper that teachers give out to students that they feel have gone above and beyond. Students receive these all throughout the year, from different teachers, and for different reasons.

“The PBIS Team would love to see more students earn Wildcat Wins. They are a token of the staff’s appreciation for when we see student’s doing the right thing,” says Mrs. Nicholas.

A lot of students receive these and throw them away or forget about them. However, throwing them away is not beneficial to students. This is because the staff has put together a reward system for students where they can cash in their wins for prizes.

“The Wildcat Warehouse is an idea that the PBIS team has been working on this last semester. We recently surveyed the students and a lot of the responses suggested we come up with a way for students to cash in their Wildcat Wins. Since then, the PBIS team has been collecting ideas and suggestions from the students so that the cabinet could be stocked with items that students would like,” says Nicholas.

They have filled a bookshelf with different items, including candy, drinks, gift cards, t-shirts, and more. Each item is worth a different amount of wins, some being worth one, two, or even five wins. Students can cash them in the bookshelf outside the office.

“We wanted to stock the cabinet with items that we thought all the students would like. The Wildcat Wearhouse has Gatorade, snacks, croc-pins, t-shirts, gum, gift certificates for local restaurants and raffle opportunities,” says Nicholas.