Mr. Hawkins

Congratulations to the 2023-2024 Color Guard

Jolene Pritts, News Writer

The SHS color guard auditions for the 2023-2024 school year took place after school in the high school band room on Friday, April 21.

The Color Guard is a crucial part of the Marching band. It usually ranges between 8-12 girls in sparkly uniforms, spinning flags, props, or dancing with the band during their halftime show.

Some of the Color Guard members are returning from previous years, and others are trying it for the first year.

“This year, if I make it, will be my fourth year,” says Color Guard member Destiney Corbett.

The Color Guard auditions are simple. Auditions are based on grade eligibility and what members can do. The judges will choose a random number draw, with two members auditioning at the same time.

There are many reasons why people go for Color Guard, such as dance.

“I chose to do color guard because it was the closest thing our school had to a dance line. I had some experience through dance with spinning, but not a whole lot. I’m really glad I did; I’ve made some amazing friends over the past five years. I have a habit of getting overly anxious, so I was a little nervous but everything worked out okay. This upcoming season will be my fifth one, which is the longest of everyone right now,” says Color Guard member Carley Johnston.

New members will learn a new routine in a small amount of time. The routine they use is the routine that will be used in auditions. The routines they will learn are fight song flag routine and fight song dance. This year auditions are different. There are different features (separate auditions). These are new this year.

There are new members trying out Color Guard.

“I chose to do Color Guard because I wanted a new experience. Until my freshman year, I never played sports or participated in activities like that because I wasn’t interested. When I joined the color guard, I found it very interesting and I knew I’d continue doing it for a long time,” says Color Guard member Adriana Bonini.

Congratulations to the 2023-2024 Struthers Color Guard! This season’s members include Alex Ashraf, Adriana Bonini, Destiney Corbett, Lauren Craig, Brianna Day, Carley Johnston, Brooke Lane, Sabrina Michaels, and Bella Sferra.