Brooke Adams

Genna Wulzen, junior, is excited for her first Struthers Prom.

Carley Johnston, News Writer

It’s that time of year again. The junior and senior students are preparing for Prom, which will be taking place on Friday, May 12th at Drake’s Landing.

This year’s theme is “Rustic Romance,” which was picked by the junior class officers. Tickets for the dance were on sale until April 21st. Any eligible junior or senior student is welcome to attend, whether that’s alone, with friends, or with a date that is at least a junior, no matter if they’re a Struthers student or not.

Genna Wulzen is a junior who’s going to Prom. This isn’t her first Prom; she went to a Prom her sophomore year at a different school, but this will be her first one here.

“I have high expectations for prom this year, I think it’ll be pretty fun. I’m going with my friend from Mineral Ridge, and my dress is black. I’m super excited for the dance this year,” says Wulzen.

Along with the classic traditions of the actual dance itself, the prom court was also announced. Congratulations to Ava Hall, Scarlett Horvath, Morgan Minno, Mickayla Taaffe, Anthony Carter, Grady Moore, Gary Mudryk, and Caleb Sakara, who make up the members of the Junior court. Another congratulations to Brooke Adams, Emmah McConahay, Sophia Kavoraus, Bella Slaina, Faith Stellato, Chance Lazcko, Alec Grzyb, Adam Grewe, Ayden Isabella, and Aiden St. Clair. One of the senior girls will be crowned Prom Queen, and one of the senior boys will be crowned Prom King.

Bella Slaina is a senior who could potentially become this year’s Prom Queen.

“Last year’s prom was very fun and nicely decorated, but I definitely think that this year’s location is prettier, especially for the theme. I think that this may possibly be my favorite dance yet. I’m really excited to be on court, and I feel like Aiden St. Clair and Emmah McConahay have a really good chance to win king and queen,” says Slaina.

This will be the first time the juniors are eligible to attend, and the last for the seniors. The excitement is building up and many can’t wait to see everything unfold.