Brooke Adams

Madison Marshall, freshman, is excited for the upcoming volleyball season.

Skylar Bark, News Writer

The girls are up and ready for the upcoming volleyball season. They are very excited for their new coach Robert Calvin.

The girls had a rough year of playing last season.

Marley Tarr tells us how she feels about the new head coach.

“Personally, I’m very excited about the new volleyball coach. I think last year was very rough on everyone, so having a new coach to teach the girls new things will be very refreshing,” says Tarr.

The girls say that it was a pretty stressful experience last season, and they will strive for the best this season.

Tarr talks about how she is very excited about the upcoming season.

“I am very excited for the season. I’m very grateful for the head coach and assistant coach taking over to help me and the team have a better season,” says Marley.

The upcoming season will be a good one.

Freshman Madison Marshall talks about how she is excited to play with the upperclassmen and for the season in general.

“I’ve been waiting for this upcoming season because I missed playing with the upperclassmen and people I know from school,” says Marshall.