Briana Best, Entertainment Writer

Have you ever wondered if the secrets you have shared with your friends only stay within them? With “Pretty Little Liars,” none of their secrets shared with each other are safe.

“Pretty Little Liars,” is based on how close this group of friends really are and what lengths they will go to protect each other. Every secret told was held against the girls from an unknown cyber bully that called itself “A.” They were never safe and as time went on, the stakes got bigger. They received threatening messages about themselves and their families, ranging from threatening to put someone away for a crime that they did but covered up, to threatening death upon some people because this “A” person did not like what they did or what they were doing. And, if they did not listen to the text, someone was going to be set up at the wrong place and the wrong time to get in trouble for something they had no involvement in. The catch was that they were never able to tell their families or friends about this “A” person or bad things would happen to them.

Something that made this show a lot more interesting was how the girls kept thinking they were close to finding out who “A” was. Everytime they got close, they would find evidence proving who they thought was “A,” was not. When it was time to really find out who “A” was, the leading events kept you on your toes. The suspense in the show is one of people’s favorite parts. 

One thing that they could have changed in the show “Pretty Little Liars” is how long it took to discover who “A” was. After they found out who it was they had a little break, and then a new cyberbully came about, but with higher steaks. It was very interesting how there was a new “A,” but called itself “AD.” But, no one even knew that the person hiding behind the name “AD” was someone that wasn’t properly introduced on the show. This made it more interesting because they had appeared already on the show, but not as who she was. 

This show is recommended to anyone who likes drama, secrets, and suspense. This show deserves a 10/10, without a doubt.