Mia Clyde, Entertainment Writer

The boundless television series “One Tree Hill” began streaming its different and fresh season seven on September 14, 2009. 

Season seven of “One Tree Hill” brings back its main characters James Lafferty (Nathan Scott), Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James), and  Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis) for the seventh time. This is the series’ first season not bringing back two important characters Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott) and Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer). As a result of losing two of the long-time main characters, the series adds two new faces which are Haley’s older sister, Quinn and Nathan’s basketball agent, Clay. At the beginning of the season, a year and a half has passed and Nathan’s NBA career has taken off. Jamie’s seventh birthday party surprises audiences with the starring of Haley’s sister, Quinn. As the party goes on, a new love interest sparks between Quinn and Clay, which Nathan is not fond of. Another thing happening at the beginning of the season is Brooke and Julian finally being in a committed relationship and in love. This relationship had been a long time coming, and for viewers to finally see it happen was a good feeling. As the season progresses, the pot begins to stir in Tree Hill.

As season seven brought a new light to the show, the best thing that happened was Quinn and Clay starting to date and fall in love. Before season seven, the show only knew of the relationships of the original main characters. However, when Quinn and Clay came to town, that changed. At first, Clay fell for Quinn as he began to see and notice her more because the two were both always with Haley and Nathan. Nathan began to notice Clay checking Quinn out and told him multiple times to cut it out because it was Haley’s sister after all. Nevertheless, once Quinn finally began to notice Clay back, the two overpowered Nathan’s wishes and went about their relationship anyway. In later episodes, the two became the show’s new power couple and dominated through the rest of the season. 

Season seven sure had a lot of heartwarming and bright moments, but something that ruined its vibe was when a college girl convinced the world that Nathan got her pregnant. With this news, it brought a lot of work for Clay to figure out as Nathan’s agent and a suspicious Haley. Nathan told Haley and the world that this was not true, and that this girl was only trying to make him look bad to take his money, which Haley knew was true, but she still had her reasons not to believe. It caused the couple to get into various arguments which also made the situation worse. As Nathan and Haley have always been the series “it” couple, these few episodes made them look like a couple we did not recognize. As time went on, Nathan was right all along and this girl was only trying to get to him for his money. It relieved Haley and the world and finally brought an end to a really serious and stupid situation. 

In all, season seven of “One Tree Hill” added a new, fresh look to the show. It was filled with many new and exciting things, and people we have never seen before. This season brought a new beloved couple to the series, and finally showcased Nathan’s professional basketball career. This season was enjoyed by audiences way more than anyone thought, and was one of the most heartfelt of the series. It is recommended for ages 14 and up and sets up a beautiful way to end the series, “One Tree Hill.”