Alec Dankovich, Entertainment Writer

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a theme park in Bay Lake, Florida near Orlando. This 580 acre park has been open since 1998. 

Disney’s Animal Kingdom tickets can be purchased on their website for $109 to $159. For people who really enjoy the park and what it has to offer, you can purchase a gold pass for about $585. The park is also home to numerous events from anywhere from fireworks to special guests. This fairly newer park just recently had its 25th year anniversary this 2023 year. 

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a variety of different rides for park goers to enjoy. One ride the guests love is called Expedition Everest. This ride that came out in 2006 is much different than others you may have tried. This ride is famous for its ability to go backwards from an 80 foot drop. This ride goes up to 50 mph, and the ride lasts over three minutes. 

Another ride that thrill-seeking guests love is called the Kali River Rapids. This ride originally opened in March of 1999 and is still around for guests to enjoy and love. This is a water attraction that guests love to go on. Guests go in a circular float and spin around while enjoying the rapids. This ride is a ride for everyone in the family, and after five minutes of the Kali River Rapids go by, the ride is over. 

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been rated anywhere from a 4.5 out of 5 stars. This famous park has great rides and is thoroughly enjoyed by its many visitors.