Christian Dorsett, Entertainment Writer

“Blue Lock” is a new anime for sports fans. This is a very action-packed anime that follows a soccer player on his journey to become the world’s greatest striker.

The story begins with the main character getting invited to a program called “Blue Lock.” When he gets there, he is informed that this program is a battle royal to find Japan’s number one player. The players are later informed that they will have to live at the facilities throughout the program. Through a number of selections, players will be forced to leave and never play soccer again. This motivated every player to push past their limits and “turn zero into one.” The main character Isagi was ranked the lowest out of everyone in “Blue Lock,” so he had to work extra hard. The viewers really get to see how Isagi grows from the worst player on the team to one of the most valued players. 

The animation of this anime is top tier. Each character has a different animation when they go for a goal. The animators did amazing work bringing to life each character’s special abilities, such as certain people running faster or jumping higher. There are alot alot of breathtaking moments.

The story of this anime is amazing. This isn’t like normal sports anime, the main character doesn’t always win, in fact, he had to take some losses to grow and become better at the sport. It showed that if you put in the work, you can do anything.

Overall, “Blue Lock” deserves 10/10.  This anime was very eventful and left viewers waiting for more. There was never a slow episode.