Austin McCullough, Entertainment Writer

There are certain movies that will have you uneasy and wanting more. That is what “I See You” does to its viewers.

“I See You” is about a family and a broken marriage that is trying to recover. This family’s home has had many strange occurrences that cannot be explained. What is hiding within the family home will shock you.

An area that the writers did great in would be the setting. The house that was used was a perfect fit for the story and provided a good fear factor to be present. The neighborhood the house was in also was a rich one, which was a good target for the craziness within the home. It fits very well with the movie’s plot.

An area that could have been improved would be the cast. There were really no well-known actors to push the film even more. The acting was subpar in certain areas. All in all, the film was very well done. A great cast would have made the film incredible.

This film deserves a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. This film is recommended to anybody who loves thriller horror films.