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Madison Marshall, Entertainment Writer

“Orphan” is a horror film that isn’t very popular, but a good handful of people would know about it. Most people who have seen this would recommend it to everyone they know because of how interesting and suspenseful the movie is. It is one of those movies you don’t forget about.

“Orphan” is a two-hour long movie based on a family who lost a daughter, so they decided to adopt a girl, but they didn’t know who she actually was. Both the parents in the movie felt drawn to the little girl because she was very mature and different from the rest of the other kids, but she was different for a reason. Things start happening around their house and the only ones who start to realize are the mother and the brother.

The movie is not very popular, but it should be popular because it is pretty good. This movie has a sequel, so if you wanted even more of a background, that’s what the second movie is about. This movie is one of the most suspenseful build-up horror movies to be seen.

The conflict between the mother and the foster girl was big because the woman’s husband wouldn’t believe her. The younger boy started to figure it out, but couldn’t do anything about it and the youngest girl was deaf and couldn’t talk, so she didn’t even know anything bad was happening, she was just observing. The foster girl was suspected, but at the same time no one thought a little girl could do anything like that. So, there was not full suspicion, so you’d probably get angry throughout the movie with the fact that she kept getting away with stuff. Overall, this movie is really good, and you should watch it because it is a movie you won’t forget about.

In all, “Orphan” is recommended for teens and young adults. It is rated 8.5/10 overall.