Brooke Adams

Mrs. Russo is the choir teacher and the Show Choir Director.

Isabella Sferra, News Writer

Mrs. Russo gives us an inside to her why’s and how’s on teaching music for 17 years.

Mrs. Russo has been a key person in our school’s music programs for some time now. Russo teaches Music Genres, Show Choir, Choir, and the fifth grade band at the middle school.

For how many kids take music classes at the high school, there is always a lesson to be taught/learned. When asked about what she hopes her kids take away, she gives hope to every kid who stepped into her classroom.

“I hope they leave inspired to love and enjoy music in their lives. Whether that is through listening to it or performing it, inspiration is the key. I also want them to look back on things that I have taught them and be able to have positive memories in some way. I am forever hearing stories from former students of things they remember or have learned in my class and how much they miss being here. I love that! I had a student take Music Genres once who is now creating independent films, and he once told me that the film scores of his music are often inspired by things that he learned in my class and that his eyes were open to from things I taught him,” says Russo.

This year the show choir has a whole performance as a tribute to Elton John, with their set list containing “Rocketman” with soloists Connor Pavlicko and Dominic Farrar, “Bennie and the Jets” with soloists Gabrielle Gutierrez, Deanna Gulu, Isabella Sferra, Destiney Corbett, and Jonice Coats, “Your Song” with soloist Ryan Gulu, “Crocodile Rock” with soloists, Nathan Baird and Bryona Colyar, “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,” which will feature all of the seniors in their solo, “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart,” “Circle of Life,” and “I’m Still Standing” with soloists Tekeira Brown-Holness, and Louis Algaier.

The Assistant Band Director has been teaching show choir here for all of her career and has a multitude of students that she has to get ready for multiple performances every year.

“That is hard to say. Every year, I say the show I am teaching is my favorite because I love them all. So I guess right now, the Elton John show is my favorite,” says the choir director.