Mrs. Nicholas

(Left to Right): Glenn Musser, Kylie Anderson, Vince Boila, Michal Meuter, Kylie Schiedel

Mia Rodriguez, News Writer

Struthers students are still pushing through the end of the year to receive Students of the Month.

The year is winding down with only around five weeks left, but students are still staying on track. Most students start to get carless and not try in school towards the end, although certain students continue to strive.

Sophomore, Michael Meuter, is still making it through the year, while staying on track.

“I strongly believe that this is the easiest time of the year to stay on task. Although there are many tests coming up, it is more than easy to complete the requested work as teachers are more than helpful this time of year,” says Meuter.

Teachers are looking for students who put in hard work to try and become a leader in the school. People who always keep up with their grades, come to school every day, and stand out to other students are who the teachers look for. A lot of students put in effort to try and stand out in the school, while always being a positive influence to others.

Sophomore, Vince Boila works to become a leader every day and makes sure he is positively impacting the school.

“It just took a little bit of hard work and being a leader in school. I just needed to stay determined and work hard in and out of the classroom,” says Boila.

A lot of students tend to not care about school when they are in the younger grades, being that they feel like it isn’t that important. Although, the underclassmen who win Student of the Month are the complete opposite. Even though some students feel like since they aren’t that known in the school that they won’t get recognized, teachers make sure to look for everyone.

Freshman Kylie Schiedel, is always working hard, even if she feels as if no one is paying attention, and is a positive influence to others.

“I am very excited about getting Student of the Month. It is very nice to know the teachers recognize all the hard work I put in every day,” says Schiedel.

The Student of the Month winners for April include senior Glenn Musser, junior Kylie Anderson, sophomore Vince Boila, sophomore Michael Meuter, and freshman Kylie Schiedel.