Brooke Adams

Louis Algaier is a returning Show Choir member.

Jolene Pritts, News Writer

For the upcoming school year, Mrs. Russo, the Show Choir teacher, held Show Choir auditions on April 4th and 5th.

The auditions were held in the choir room from 3-4pm. There was a sign-up sheet outside of the choir room, along with a sheet of paper with information on it.

There are many students who have never heard of Show Choir or students that have never been in it.

“I’m nervous for the audition because I really like doing show choir and I’ll be super sad if I don’t make it,” says eighth-grader Alexandra Ashraf.

The audition is different from what people would think. Students have to sing a song while doing step touches and keeping rhythm. This year, students have to sing “Happy Birthday.”

Since a new year is coming up, some students may get nervous to try out.

“I have a good amount of experience in choir, so it was pretty simple; after doing it for so long, I’ve stopped being nervous about anything performance related whatsoever,” says Show Choir student Louis Algaier, freshman.

Show Choir is a class that a student can take, if they make it through tryouts. Tryouts can sometimes help students overcome the fear of being in front of people or a crowd. Show Choir tryouts are something that students will want to practice for a while.

There is a lot of work that gets done behind the scenes of the show choir.

“I am prepared as a teacher with judges lined up and all of my materials planned and set to go. It is a system I have developed over time and works well to give a fair and accurate audition process,” says Show Choir teacher Mrs. Angela Russo.

This upcoming year will be filled with excitement and entertaining things. The students have to be prepared for tryouts. Although Show Choir seems easy, there are some difficult things students need to learn.