Brooke Adams

Noah Carnahan, sophomore, thinks the Cats baseball team is off to a great start.

Carley Johnston, News Writer

With the spring Season comes the return of spring sports with the main focuses being softball, baseball, track and field, and boys’ tennis.

Both baseball and softball opened up their seasons at home against Lakeview. Unfortunately due to odd Ohio weather patterns, games aren’t a guarantee. However, both of the teams make the best of what they’re given.

Morgan Minno is a junior on the softball team who plays first base and also pitches.

“I think that if we work hard as a team and help each other out, we will definitely have a good season as we go. With losing a lot of players last year, everyone really had to step up this year. Our main goal is to just work together and win some games. Our favorite matchup would have to be Poland. They have a good team, so playing against them pushes our team to work harder. I see a lot of potential from Katie Morris and Bella Sandusky. They work really hard for it being their first year on varsity. I feel like we do work together when we want to. This isn’t really a positive thing, but I feel that when we do work as a team, we definitely get the job done and end up doing good in the end,” says Minno.

Baseball currently has a record of 1-2, with a win against Lakeview and losses against JFK and Poland. With a total of six seniors, including two who are signed to play at collegiate level, the underclassmen have large shoes to fill for next season.

Noah Carnahan is one of these underclassmen who possess potential. He pitches and is a second baseman.

“I feel that we should be a very good team this year. As our coach would say, we have a lot of potential. Personally, I think that I’ve done pretty well so far, but this is just the start. We have the potential to be really good this year, but we’ll just have to see everything play out. I feel like I can keep up with the upperclassmen for the most part, but I do struggle with hitting at higher speeds currently. We have a lot of promising players, and a lot of potential. I’m excited to see how the season goes, and as always, go Wildcats,” says Carnahan.

The track and field team has also kicked off their season looking promising. They’ve had two meets so far, one at South Range and another at Poland.

Brianna Rippee is a sophomore who runs the 100 and 300 hurdles, as well as the 4×400. Olivia Miner is a junior who is on the throwing team.

“So far we have had two meets this season. Personally, I think I’ve done well, and the coaches agree. I feel confident with the team for the most part, even though at times some don’t work up to their full potential. That part is a work in progress, but I’m excited to see how the rest of the season plays out,” says Rippee.
“We have only had a few meets this season. The throwing team did really well against South Range, especially considering the storm that was going on. So far I have done really well in everything but shot put, but it’s a work in progress. I feel really confident with this team that we will do okay. I’m excited to see what happens at the Poland meet,” says Miner.

Finally, the boys’ tennis team has kicked off their season. They’ve had three matches so far.

Collin Senvisky is a sophomore on the team.

“The team itself is great. It’s nice having everyone be friends and close with each other. The game itself is easy; it’s mostly just a mind game. It’s about as difficult as I expected. We’ve had a bit of a rocky start, but we can turn it around and hopefully have a better record than last year,” says Senvisky.