Brooke Adams

Angel Rhymer and Bryona Colyar are helping with Drum Major tryouts.

Skylar Bark, News Writer

Drum Major Tryouts for the Struthers High School Marching Band are coming up later this April.

Former Drum Majors Angel Rhymer and Bryona Colyar give us the inside scoop on what it takes to be a drum major.

Rhymer lets us know what it takes to be a drum major.

“Confidence, leadership, and good communication. When there are so many people that you are now the leader of, communication is key. Knowing what problems or even hearing recognition of the band kids can give the drum major an opportunity to solve it or recognize it,” says Rhymer.

Being a drum major brings the band together, knowing that, being the drum major brings you closer to the band.

Rhymer tells us how she feels being a drum major in marching band reflects on others.

“It lets Hawkins know the insides of his students’ thoughts and feelings. Which can be helpful in his teaching and the relationship of the band overall,” says Rhymer.

Being a leader is a big part of being a drum major.

Coylar lets us know that we have to be dedicated in order to be a drum major.

“Having the willingness to better yourself, not only in your conducting skills, but as a leader as well. Though you may have everything that it takes to be a good drum major, you must have the drive to work harder on your craft,” says Coylar.

Drum Major tryouts were held on April 12th.