Brooke Adams, Entertainment Writer

Tangier is a very popular bar and restaurant in Struthers, Ohio on Youngstown Poland Road. It is a very traditional bar that has been around since 1948.

Tangier also has many different pizzas and toppings available to order.

However, Tangier does not only have pizza. It has many other items on its menu. Many customers love the large variety that the menu consists of. Its menu also consists of subs, salads, burgers, seafood, desserts, pastas, many appetizers and more. Even though pizza is its main item and is what it is best known for, the restaurant has just about everything on the menu for everyone. So if someone were to order food from there, and they do not like pizza, there are many other dishes they can choose from.

Not only does it have a great, large variety menu, it also has very affordable prices. Many customers love it there because it is super affordable for what you get. For example, you can get a half sheet of pizza for just the low price of just $13.00. Tangier also offers many different specials on Fridays such as fish and shrimp dishes, pierogies, and more. Customers also rave about the wing specials that they have every Tuesday. 

Tangier is recommended for everyone – families, couples, etc. It has food for just about everyone. It deserves a 9/10 rating due to its menu and affordable prices.