Briana Best, Entertainment Writer

Are you and your mother close in age, or is there a huge gap? In “Ginny And Georgia” there is only a 15 year difference between Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and her mother Georgia (Brianne Howey). 

The TV show, “Ginny And Georgia” reached the number 10 spot on Netflix. The show was a big hit and when season two came out, the audiences were going crazy. “Ginny and Georgia” is about a little family that has to always move because of the mother’s poor choice in men or bad reputations. There’s Ginny, who is the daughter of Georgia, as well as Austin, who is the son of Georgia. Husband after husband, the kids were getting tired of starting over and could never settle down or make friends. When Georgia’s latest husband passed away, Georgia told the kids they were going to start over in a new town, and it was going to be their forever home as of now. She promised the kids no boyfriends, which made them feel better. But it didn’t last long, with Georgia thinking the Mayor was cute, and Georgia being her pretty flirtatious self. It was only a matter of time until that promise got broken. Moving into this new town was unraveling a lot of things and all Ginny wanted to do was get to the bottom of it. While Ginny was trying to put pieces together, Georgia was trying to get all the unraveled pieces to stay unraveled. This caused a lot of fighting. While Georgia was trying to make Ginny as happy as possible, Ginny just could not let up the things she had been noticing. 

One thing that is good that they put in this TV series is how they had Georgia explain why she did the things that she did. Ginny ends up figuring out all of her mother’s secrets and starts to make smart remarks towards her mother. While Georgia starts to pick up on the fact that Ginny knew about her lies and secrets, she tells her she wants to talk and once Georgia starts talking, you could easily tell why she did the things that she did. She did it to save her kids the trauma she went through as a kid, being she doesn’t feel anyone in the world should have to go through that, let alone her kids.

One thing that could have been better in the show is how much Ginny cared for herself and constantly made everything about her. When she had friends going through serious heart aches just like she was, she did not show them any remorse or even reach out and try to be there for them. They should have made Ginny more selfless considering everything she went through. It seemed like Ginny only really cared about herself throughout the show, and that’s the reason some of her relationships and friendships did not work out the way we all wanted them too.

This TV show is an amazing show. Anyone who likes family drama, teen drama, and/or just about teenage life, would really enjoy this show. On a scale of 1-10, this show by far deserves a 10.