Kendis MacLeod, Sports Writer

The Bills haven’t been making any big trades or in free agency. The only news that has been made is the re-signing of Matt Milano, Jordan Poyer, Jordan Phillips, and a couple more players.

The Buffalo Bills should make a big move soon if they want to improve in the 2023 football season.

One rumor that has been circulating throughout the football world is that the Bills have been contemplating on getting Derrick Henry off the trade block. The Bills have recently lost their starting running back, Devin Singletary and having Henry would complete the offensive attack for the Bills.

“ Singletary is set to hit free agency in a little over one week leaving Buffalo with James Cook and Nyheim Hines as their top two backs. Adding Henry to the backfield would almost be unfair. With a top back like Henry, opposing defenses would be forced to respect the Bills’ run game which would open things up for Josh Allen in the passing game,” says Michael Silver from Syracuse article.

Bills could make their offensive even more explosive if they add star receiver, Deandre Hopkins, to the mix. The Arizona Cardinals are looking to trade Hopkins and many teams have shown interest, even rumoring the Bills. Since the Bills already have Stefon Diggs, having two star wide receivers on the team would make this offense unstoppable and may give the Bills an even better chance at winning it all next year.

However, this is only a rumor. and the Bills certainly don’t have enough cap space having an estimated 7.49 million dollars in cap space. Buffalo is still adjusting contracts and making moves that might enable them to make wise money decisions, but until then, the Bills still have a lot of work ahead of them.

“Well, again, Beane would go back to what he said just last week. He is trying to get the team’s salary cap situation into better shape. He doesn’t want to have to dig the Bills out of cap hell at the outset of every offseason. Buffalo just watched linebacker Tremaine Edmunds depart in free agency, and Beane indicated he doesn’t want to keep letting homegrown talents go,” says Henry McKenna, an AFC East reporter for Fox Sports.

Buffalo have been making little moves in free agency, but they may have signed a hidden gem. Taylor Rapp was the safety for the Rams before the Bills signed him and had a career high of nine interceptions and one touchdown.

This is a good pick up because even though the Bills already have the two starter safeties with Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer, they both are known to get hurt, so Rapp is a great backup safety.

“Being able to move him around is going to be another leisure for McDermott, who is known to get the most out of defensive backs. With no clear replacement for Tremaine Edmunds as of right now, it could open up more of an avenue for Rapp to get on the field. If the Bills fill the role with a more traditional run-stopping linebacker, Rapp could slot in next to Matt Milano in pass coverage packages and obvious passing downs,” says Joe Cook in an article from