Vanessa Cicozi, Entertainment Writer

Director William Brent Bell delivered a supernatural horror movie called “The Boy”  in 2016. 

The movie consists of an American girl named Greta traveling to the United Kingdom to become a nanny. When Greta arrived at the mansion, the Heelshires couple introduced her to a lifesize porcelain doll named Brahms. The couple ask Greta to treat the doll like a real life boy and give her a list of what he needs and what she needs to do. In the beginning, Greta ignores the rules and paranormal things start to happen. She soon realizes that the doll is real and continues to haunt her. Towards the end of her stay, her ex Cole arrives at the mansion uninvited and breaks the doll’s head, causing the real Brahms to come out from the walls. 

The setting was an old Victorian mansion located in the United Kingdom, which made the movie come to life. The house was surrounded by trees and in the middle of nowhere making viewers see that it was just Greta and Brahms. The house had many floors and many rooms, which made it easy to make the doll come to life. Another key point to the movie was having a British cast. Greta was played by Lauren Cohan who is an American British actress. With the use of settings and actors, director Bell had no issue of getting the paranormal aspect across. 

The plot of the movie is the mind game of knowing what’s real and what’s not real. When Greta arrived at the house, the couple notified Greta the Brahms had a strict schedule which was weird to Greta but she didn’t think anything of it. The list consisted of rules such as not leaving him alone, him not being allowed to leave the house, no guests, etc.. A few days in, Greta starts hearing voices and footsteps from a child. When Greta starts hearing voices, she locks herself in the room until she finds a peanut butter and jelly sandwich outside the door, which is her favorite. This makes Greta realize that Brahms spirit lives within the doll and is on her side but likes to play mind games with her. 

The rating of “The Boy” is 7/10. The movie is recommended to those who enjoy the paranormal within inanimate objects.