Jed York is a 49er’s executive.

Caleb Isenberg, Sports Writer

The Niners drafted Trey Lance as their QB.

Jed York does not regret his decision on drafting him.

Lance played sparingly as a rookie, then was injured in Week two last season, missing the remainder of the year.

He hasn’t played since his injury.

“I wouldn’t change anything that we’ve made about the decision with Trey,” says York at the Annual League Meeting.

York noted that it’s not Lance’s fault he hasn’t been on the field, suggesting that the cost-controlled nature of the rookie contract still has value to the club.

York believes he still has value after being injured because it wasn’t his fault he got hurt.

“When you look at when we drafted him, we wanted to make sure we had a young quarterback on a rookie contract that allows you to be able to say, ‘All right, Javon (Hargrave) is kind of a bonus,” says York.

Despite Lance’s limited action, 49ers CEO Jed York doesn’t regret the move to draft the quarterback.

York has faith in Trey’s ability to play.

“You can’t worry about, well, Trey hasn’t played as many games as we would’ve liked,” says York.