Brooke Adams

Olindo Pezzone, senior, is a pitcher for the Cats.

Alec Grzyb, Sports Writer

Olindo Pezzone is a senior at Struthers High School who is a part of the baseball team. He plays pitcher, third, short stop, and outfield.

The Struthers baseball team had their first home opener against the Lakeview Bulldogs.

The team was head to head with the Bulldogs. In the last inning, the Wildcats came to their first win of the season.

The senior had his first last high school baseball game.

“It was a good first win for the team,” said Pezzone.

Pezzone opened up the first game as the first pitcher of the season. The Wildcats did an amazing job with their pitches.

The pitcher was excited to pitch for the opening game.

“I felt confident that I could get the job done,” states the short stop.

The Wildcats have lots of goals to make and accomplish this season. This year is a big year for everyone on the team, with new members and returning ones that will make a big impact.

Pezzone has a couple goals for himself to accomplish this season.

“I would like to have two hits a game and be consistent with my pitches,” says the senior