Madison Marshall, Entertainment Writer

“Bodies Bodies Bodies” is a horror/comedy film that isn’t very popular. Most people haven’t seen this movie, but if you’re a big fan of the actor known as Pete Davidson, this would probably be a good movie for you to watch.

“Bodies Bodies Bodies” is a one hour and thirty-five minute movie based around a group of friends who haven’t hung out in a while and they have this game called “Bodies Bodies Bodies.” In this game, if you were “killed,” you have to lie down where you were caught. If another player stumbles across a body, they yell out “Bodies Bodies Bodies.” Then, the players all try to figure out who is guilty.

The movie isn’t popular now. The time it was most popular was when it came out in theaters around August 5th of last year. If you want a good laugh, this is the movie you want to see, it’s suspenseful then it becomes really stupid but funny. 

The conflict of the friends turning on each other because they think someone is actually murdering each other and then it all just being a coincidence in the end was very suspenseful and different from most horror movies. If you ask someone if they have seen this movie, they will most likely say no, but it is recommended that you do watch it because personally, it is very good.

In all, “Bodies Bodies Bodies” is recommended for adult and teen audiences. It is rated 7.5/10 overall.