Devin Braham, Sports Writer

Junior Christian Pascarella had his first track meet of the season on March 27th at South Range against three other schools.

Since it’s the first meet, it’s very important to the rest of the season; it sets the tone for the rest of the year. It also shows if the work that he’s been doing is paying off.

Pascarella is primarily a jumper and does long jump, and he also runs the 4×2. He performed very well throughout the meet in both events.

He thinks he performed well, especially in long jump.

“I think I did pretty good because I set a PR and placed 2nd in the entire meet only losing to a senior that jumped half an inch further than me,” he says.

Pascarella has been working hard to improve both his jumps and in running; he has been at practice every day. He hopes to get better to make sure he doesn’t lose throughout the season.

After the meet, he thinks he needs to put more work in on the track and in the weight room.

“I need to start running more sprints in practice as I usually spend most of my time doing long jumps. After sprints I will probably spend some time in the weight room working on my legs for the explosion part. I’ll use that to come out of the blocks faster and jump further,” says the junior.

The student athlete is working hard to get better jumps, and he’s getting ready for the next meet.

Pascarella has high hopes for the next meet.

“My hope for next week is to set another personal record and actually win the event,” he says.