Lamar Jackson is a free agent as of now.

Vince Boila, Sports Writer

Deshaun Watson received a 230 million dollar, fully guaranteed contract last offseason in Cleveland to be their quarterback of the future and hopefully lead them back to the playoffs.

Watson was one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL before his absence and he was traded to the Browns and signed a fully guaranteed contract that many didn’t agree with then or now.

One player and team this contract has caused problems for is the Ravens and Lamar Jackson. They have been at a standstill for weeks on a contract, and some believe this is the Browns fault.

It has been reported multiple times that they have been at a standstill because Jackson wants more money than Watson.

“When the Browns gave a five-year, $230 million, fully guaranteed contract to quarterback Deshaun Watson, they surely didn’t intend to throw a wrench in the relationship between the Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson,” says NBC analyst Mike Florio.

The Ravens have come out and said that they are trying and doing everything that they can to try and retain Jackson long term. The Ravens don’t want to give him more than 200 million and many believe that is why he will sign elsewhere.

Paul DeCosta has spoken out on how different this time is and it is not like negotiating with an agent as Jackson is representing himself.

“I think when you deal with an agent, sometimes you’re able to speak very freely, position yourself a certain way. You have different arguments that you can use that maybe you wouldn’t say to a player. So I think that’s part of it… You see the commitment. You see where they’re coming from. So it’s definitely a different dynamic,” says DeCosta.

Although Jackson hasn’t signed and will not for a while, someone will according to people around the NFL. The belief is that he has earned his money and the Ravens are running out of time.

The Ravens still plan to have him week 1, but many people still don’t see him in the Purple and Black.

“Jackson has earned every penny that he’s asking for. While the Ravens can make their points about why they shouldn’t pay him, the truth is simple: someone will. Someone will pay Jackson what he wants,” says FOX Sports analyst Henry McKenna.