Michael Meuter, Opinion Writer

Today, money is a big issue. More importantly, the way we utilize our money and how we spend it. Credit and taxes are annual uses in today’s world, so we ask, why don’t we learn these life skills in school?

Basic adult life skills should be taught in schools across America.

Students today are more uneducated than you think. When you hear of taxes and how your money is maintained, you tend to just brush it off as it is irrelevant to your school life. Though these are not looked upon, they creep up on you once you start a job or simply grow up. In a blog by Positive, it states, “Many high school graduates finish school not knowing how to manage credit cards, file taxes, or balance checkbooks. And that’s a significant concern given that young people have to make long-reaching financial decisions even earning a college degree.” This quote proves the importance of financial life skills and the overall importance of them today. These skills are more important than ever and are always going to be around. 

Many may argue that it is the parents’ responsibilities to teach their children these life decisions. Although the parents are able to assist in this, children spend almost half of their life as a child in an educational setting. So, it is important that they are told some of these decisions and skills with that time. 

This would not be a hard implementation at all. Students spend almost 9000 hours in a school setting. If ten minutes out of the regular school day would be used for life making skills, then a student would achieve much more after they are finished with education. The goal is not hard and is very easy to add to a regular schedule. 

These life skills will only continue for the rest of our lives. Although students will eventually learn these skills, it is best to prepare them before the day comes. It is important for the student and will teach them how to achieve success outside of school.