Brooke Adams

Katie Morris is a pitcher for the Ladycats softball team.

Kaylyn Vlosich, Feature Writer

Katie Morris is a sophomore student at Struthers High School, a member of many clubs, Vice President of Student Council, and during the spring season a pitcher for the softball team. She is a studious student and a hard worker, allowing for those around her to be inspired by her work ethic and determination. 

Morris has been playing softball for almost ten years, and softball has become a big part of her life and her family’s life. Over the years, Morris gets better and becomes closer with her teammates, building great relationships with them. She always puts her best foot forward to make it the best season that she can. 

Morris already has a strong love for the sport, but she feels an important factor allows her to return each year. 

“Honestly, my dad has always pushed to keep playing and is very proud of how far I have come,” says Morris.

The Ladycat loves her teammates and being able to play with them is her favorite part of each season. Her coaches allow her to be the great player she is by continuously updating her throughout the offseason with workouts and ways that she can get better. Morris never feels out of place on the field because of the great support system of her teammates and coaches. This way, she can navigate her busy schedule of games and practice with ease. 

Morris feels the busy schedule of softball is the hardest part because of how much time it can start to take up.

“It can be hard because we pretty much have five games a week, and the days it gets canceled due to rain, we have hitting or fielding practice,” says Morris.

The pitcher has played many games throughout her years of softball, but her favorite memory is winning the semi-final game last year against Jefferson. Her team prepared greatly for this game and the feeling of celebrating this win was like no other for Morris. She is looking forward to making another memorable season this year, filled with lots of hard work and triumphs. 

Morris has learned a lot of lessons throughout her softball career and looks to share these with others who want to play the sport. 

“It is definitely a lot of pressure and work for such a short period of time, but once you get into game season it is a lot of fun to just play one game after the next. So, all the work in the off season pays off greatly,” says Morris.