Brooke Adams

Mr. Barth teaches various math classes at SHS.

Bryson Vince, Feature Writer

Mr. Barth has been teaching for 10 years at various schools.

He has always wanted to try to be someone that people could rely on when they were confused or needed help.

The boys’ tennis assistant coach played tennis throughout all four years of high school, and he even played in the summer with them.

“I played all four years. I was one of the best on the team. There was a larger group of us that would get together to play in the summer whenever we could. We were all pretty competitive to be the best,” says the assistant tennis coach.

He enjoyed taking Abstract Algebra in college. But as far as high school subjects, he enjoys Geometry.

The Algebra teacher wanted to be at the high school in the first place when he was hired, but he was put in the middle school because of a job opening that came up.

“I wanted to be at the high school when I was hired. I am used to teaching at the high school level. I then wanted to stay with the eighth grade because I liked the people I worked with. In the end, I moved because this was the best place for me to be for the district,” says the new high school math teacher.

He wanted to work in the Sruthers school district because he always had pride as a Wildcat. He never lost that.

Barth teaches in the math department because he understands the subject the best, and he thought it would be fun to teach it.

“I chose math because it is the subject I understand the best. I wanted to teach, and I thought teaching the subject I am good at would be a good idea,” says the tennis fan.

Mr. Barth became the assistant coach for the boys’ tennis team because he missed tennis. Also it’s hard to get people to play anymore because so many of the people he used to play with moved away.