Brooke Adams

Na’Jier Howard runs the 200m and the 4x200m relay.

Gianna Taaffe, Feature Writer

As Na’Jier Howard takes on his junior year of track, he is ready for a good season and a great year.

Howard is planning on making it far this year. He is hoping that the team puts in the work this year and goes far.

“My goal for this season is to go to state and get the team to go far this year,” says the runner. 

Howard is a junior on the track team, making him an upperclassmen to lead on the younger ones.

Howard helps the young ones to help them realize what they need to do in order to benefit the dream.

“Being an upperclassman lets me help out younger ones and be an influence on them, which means alot to know I have an impact on them,” says the junior. 

Training is one of Howard’s biggest things. Howard puts a lot of hard work and time into his sports.

As it is Howard’s off-season for football, he still trains five days a week in order to benefit himself all around.

“I train like five times a week for football, and it helps with track and helps me get ready for my season,” says the athlete. 

Howard is on the right track for a good season, and with his high hopes and his training skills, he hopes to go far.