Brooke Adams

Natalie Burosky, sophomore, is a volleyball player for the Cats.

Mya Neider, Feature Writer

Natalie Burosky enjoys club volleyball at Mahoning Valley Premier as the libero. 

Many athletes are influenced to play a sport because of their family or friends.

Burosky was influenced to play volleyball by the upperclassmen. Watching them play and enjoy the sport inspired her to try it out.

“The upperclassmen inspired me to play volleyball; I really enjoyed it so I wanted to play out of school,” states Burosky. 

Although playing club volleyball is fun, it requires a lot of your free time. 

Burosky spends most of her week at practices and then weekends she plays at tournaments. So, she has to balance her school work and volleyball for a few months.

“I practice 2-3 times a week and normally will play all day on Sunday. I have to find the time to do my school work when not practicing or playing,” says Burosky. 

Many players have their likes and dislikes about their sports, but it’s their likes that keeps them playing.

Burosky’s favorite part about club season is meeting new people while not playing with her best friends is her least favorite. 

“My favorite part about the club is playing with all different people that I don’t normally  play with. My least favorite part about the club is not getting to play with my best friends,” says Burosky.