Brooke Adams

Donovan DeRose, junior, is a LINK Crew Leader.

Marisa Orbin, Feature Writer

Seventeen-year-old junior Donovan DeRose attends SHS.

DeRose is part of a  group named LINK. In this group, older students attending the high school get to link freshmen into the new school. This is DeRose’s first year in this program, and he exclaims it was a big help toward the freshmen.

The LINK crew member explains just how LINK works.

“Link is a program within our highschool where upperclassmen who are leaders around the building introduce the freshman to the community of the building. This also helps the freshman network with older students,” says the junior. 

DeRose as well as many other members of the group enjoyed helping and making time for the activities they did. Each meeting with the freshmen had a different activity combined with learning about how high school is. So as each meeting happened, DeRose and his kids had made some fun memories. 

The leader interprets just what his favorite memory was.

“Definitely when we were creating posters with symbols that represent our RED (responsible, elite, and dedicated) mindset. We were all connecting very well and having a good time,” says DeRose.

Overall, DeRose enjoyed his first year as a leader. It can be such a  help experience for the upperclassmen to be leaders as well as introducing the freshmen into the new school. 

DeRose defines why people should join the LINK crew. 

“It was a great experience for the upperclassmen as well because we were able to connect with the younger students as well,” says the LINK leader.