Brooke Adams

Vince Boila is ready to lead the underclassmen on the football field as a junior.

Katelyn Kimble, Feature Writer

Vince Boila is a sophomore at Struthers High School that made some noise on the field this season. Going into his junior year, he is working to improve in many different ways and take his team to new heights. 

Boila has been playing football since he was in fourth grade and has lots of experience playing. He has always set high expectations for himself. 

He has set many goals for himself and the team this upcoming season. 

“My goals are to be the best leader I possibly can, to receive All-State recognition, and to hopefully get looks from colleges,” says Boila. 

He has always been a leader of the football team throughout his younger years, but because he was an underclassman, it was difficult.

 Now that he’s a junior, he feels that this is a good year to become a great leader. 

“It feels good to be an upperclassman; it also means that you must help out the new incoming freshman and be a leader on the team,” says Boila. 

The football team is looking to be very successful this season with the juniors coming up and the experience they have already gotten on varsity. They have many goals like making it to the third round of playoffs, having an undefeated season, and winning NE8. 

The team needs to keep calm and stick together. 

“I think we will have a good season as long as we stick together and take it one week at a time,” says Bolia.