Brooke Adams

Anthony Pastella is the second baseman for the Cats baseball team.

Nadia Galazia, Feature Writer

Anthony Pastella is a freshman athlete at Struthers High School. He plays basketball, football, and baseball for Struthers. His season just started up for his freshman year.

The athlete that does it all has been playing baseball for seven years, which is basically his entire childhood. It is interesting to see Pastella develop over time and become a freshman.

Pastella finds a lot of interest in baseball; he starts in the starting nine players. The senior class this year is what makes the game exciting for Pastella. 

“The senior class is something that makes me excited to play and go to practices,” says Pastella.

When the athlete was young, he started playing baseball and other sports. Baseball is one of his favorite sports.

Pastella has moved around with his positions that he has played throughout his playing.

“I have been playing different positions. I played shortstop and center. I have been playing second base this year,” says the freshman.

The Wildcats always have a rival in all sports that challenge them in some way. 

Pastella explains who the rival is for the Struthers Wildcats.

“For baseball, the rival would have to be Poland; any game can be a challenge for us, but  Poland is definitely a big rival,” says Pastella.