Brooke Adams

The NHS Egg My Yard fundraiser was a huge success.

Laci Ekoniak, Feature Writer

How many years have you been in charge of National Honor Society?

Mrs. Mickler: This is my sixth year as the NHS advisor.

What’s your favorite part about NHS?

Mrs. Mickler: My favorite part is recognizing the hard work of some of the best students we have at SHS. It’s nice to award their hard work with this distinction. 

What are some events that the students do?

Mrs. Mickler: Maintaining volunteer points is the basis of the group, so we do have two mandatory events each year. These are helping during Thanksgiving time at the United Way’s Saturday of Caring event and the Egg My Yard fundraiser around Easter.

How do students stay in the National Honor Society going into the second year? 

Mrs. Mickler: Students must maintain a 3.5 GPA or above and earn 10 service points.

What responsibilities do students have who are in the National Honor Society?

Mrs.Mickler: NHS members must maintain a 3.5 GPA and be in good standing in regards to their character and leadership. They have to set an example for the school and their peers.

Since the NHS Easter egg hunt is coming up, can you explain what that is?

Mrs. Mickler: The egg hunt is a fundraiser for the induction ceremony that takes place each spring. Flyers are sent to all of the elementary school students, and if they want to participate they send it back. We essentially go to their houses and put the candy-filled eggs in their front yards. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s a fun surprise for the kids the next morning!

Does the NHS do any events during the summer time? 

Mrs. Mickler: I look for volunteers to help with the Fourth of July parade. 

What advice would you give for future NHS members?

Mrs. Mickler: If anyone is interested in becoming an NHS member, keep your grades up, volunteer as much as you can, and be a leader and make good decisions and be a good person in and out of the classroom.