Brooke Adams

Mrs. Rohrer leads the Cats Cafe.

Gianna Cannon, Feature Writer

Mrs. Rohrer has been teaching in the Struthers City School District for the past 15 years. 

She graduated from Springfield High School and went on to attend Youngstown State University to major in education. The teacher also gained her masters degree from Marygrove College.

Prior to finishing her college career, Rohrer was unsure of what she wanted to pursue. However, the current educator became inspired to enter the education field after working at a daycare.

“I really enjoyed being in the classroom there and working with the kids,” says the educator.

Rohrer currently teaches four courses at the high school: Hospitality (Cats Cafe Class), Nutrition, Life Planning, and Child Development. Perhaps the fan favorite of the student body is the Cafe, which has grown exponentially within the last few years. The course came about after Rohrer and other staff members visited East Palestine High School; they had a similar program, which ensued the popular cafe that is known in Struthers today. 

Hospitality is a great elective for upperclassmen; not only does it teach students many life skills, but it also provides them with certain opportunities.

“In this course, students learn about food safety, employability skills, customer service practices, the retail industry and business basics. Students in this course also have the opportunity to earn credentials in Retail Industry Fundamentals and Customer Service and Sales. These are excellent resume builders and helpful for students entering the workforce,” says Rohrer.

Students who wish to take the hospitality course will be responsible for running a successful cafe. They will be expected to make drinks and weekly specials, prep the Cafe, create advertisements, select and price menu items, operate the cash register, and deliver to staff.

Along with the credentials available to students, the hospitality class has additional benefits as well. 

“One of the main benefits of the class is the hands-on practice of employability and business skills that the students are able to gain in this course. These are skills that are applicable and needed in the real world,” says the Family and Consumer Science teacher.

Students can look forward to upcoming events at the cafe; for example, after Spring Break, peach iced tea will be returning to the menu. The Cafe will also be holding their annual EGG-Stravagaza. If students make a drink purchase on Friday, April 28th, they can pick an egg from a basket. Some eggs will be filled with candy, some with jokes and some with free drink tickets.