Brooke Adams

Mya Neider, sophomore, is a volleyball player for the Cats.

Natalie Burosky, Feature Writer

Mya Neider is a sophomore who plays school volleyball for Struthers and club volleyball for Infinity. 

Neider travels every couple of weeks to go play in volleyball tournaments with girls who are from all over. 

The best part for Neider is playing with new people who she isn’t used to playing with and being able to meet all of them. 

“My favorite part about the club is meeting new people and traveling to different places. I also enjoy the different experiences between drills and coaching,”  says Neider. 

School volleyball always comes first, but as soon as it’s over, Neider goes right into club volleyball. 

Getting to play with her friends makes school volleyball a bit better for Neider. 

“I enjoy high school season better because I play with people I am used to, and it’s more fun. I also like the club because of the coaching,” says Neider. 

Neider started volleyball when she entered seventh grade. 

Trying new things encouraged Neider to go out. 

“I decided to play volleyball because my friends were, and I wanted to try something new,” says Neider.