Michael Meuter, Opinion Writer

One of the biggest debated topics with students and school is cell phones. People want to know whether or not it is better to have it on you or not. People ask, are cell phones allowed in school?

Cell phones should be allowed for use in school. 

Cell phones should be no surprise to folks today. Technology is better than ever, which means technology can make things safer than ever. Cell phones are big for safety as one person could get ahold of someone if they need to. Students have various issues happening throughout the day and cell phones could be a big help to students needing to get ahold of a parent. Under, it states, “Likewise if something happens in your family and you need to get in touch, having a cell phone at school just adds that extra layer of personal protection to keep them safe.” Cell phones pose a big contacter in case of emergencies. Having the phone with you in school can assist in this extra protection of safety. Also, cell phones allow students to keep in touch with friends and family incase of a changed plan for after school that needs to be addressed quickly. 

A lot of schools argue that cell phones are a big distraction for in class learning. Although this may be true sometimes, cell phones have a bigger impact with safety and contact than in class distraction. Plus, schools can make rules to not use the cell phones during instructions and class teaching, but once class is finished, students may get on their phone. 

This policy would not be hard to start. If schools start slowly, year by year, adding few more freedoms with the use of cell phones. For example, a school may allow students to use it during study halls and free period classes. Then the school can allow them to use them in class after the teachers allow it. It wouldn’t be hard and would greatly impact students’ time in school. 

Cell phones will be in kids’ pockets forever. It is better to allow them now in school then to keep giving out the same offense for using the phone during free periods. Rules can be in place to keep learning on the go, and if all goes bad, it can always be changed back to the way it was.