Mrs. Baber

The boys’ bowling made it to the state tournament.

Skylar Bark, News Writer

The Struthers boys’ bowling team did an amazing job during their state championship trip to Columbus last week.

All of the boys on the team expressed how much they enjoyed the whole experience.

Dylan Woolensack expresses his thoughts about the event.

“The trip was very fun, especially this year. Last year, it was really fun too. The girls bowled on Friday, and the boys bowled on Saturday. On Friday night, after the girls were done bowling, we went to Dave and Busters and got food there. That was probably the most fun part of the trip because I got to play arcade games with my teammates. Overall, the whole trip was really fun and made me feel like I was a part of something not many people get to experience,” says Woolensack.

Woolensack is so very proud of not only himself, but his team as well.

Freshman Owen Eisenbraun tells us about how this trip has opened a lot of new beginnings for himself and the team.

“The trip was very fun. It was a very good experience. It opened our team to many new opportunities such as tournaments and team events. I’m excited to continue my bowling career,” says the bowler.

Eisenbraun is very excited for more bowling opportunities and trips.

Sophomore Nicholas Johnson shows that this trip was a way for everyone to come together.

“I had a lot of fun with the trip because I was already really close with everyone who went, and we were able to have a fun time just being surrounded by each other. I feel like because it is both of the team’s second year in a row going to state, everyone will be more determined to make it again next year as well. I’m really happy that both teams made it as well because it would not be the experience if the girls weren’t there with us to cheer us on and lighten the mood. I will cherish the memories, and I’m so glad we got to bowl a final time with the seniors. But, the season never ends, and there’s a lot more time which we all need to put into our skills,” says Johnson.

Johnson expresses how he will cherish the memories he inherited from this trip and will remember it forever.