Mrs. Nicholas

(Left to Right): Geno Delsignore, Chloe Neider, Talisa Lee, Jaylynn Sherred

Mia Rodriguez, News Writer

The Struthers high school students are achieving a lot by earning Student of the Month for March.

This selection of students is very unique, bringing many different types of students into the picture. Although they all have different personalities , they all have the same goal of trying to better their school by being a good leader.

Freshman, Jaylynn Sherred, is showing off her excellent leadership skills in high school and is ready to help others stand out as well.

“I feel that I stand out to teachers by always completing my work on time, trying my best and asking questions when I need to. A good leader in my eyes is someone who is respectful, never fails to try their hardest, and is a great role model to others,” says Sherred.

A lot of students also start to lack off while they get more into high school. Some feel as if they don’t have to try anymore, but not all students are like this. The students who win this award are most likely the ones who still keep up in school even while the year slows down.

Senior Chloe Neider is still striving in high school, and although she is almost gone, she is still making an impact and doing what she can to be a good student.

“I do things such as participate in class, help others when needed, and complete my work. I would tell others to be the best students they can be and your actions will speak louder than words,” says Neider.

Students who are involved in the school and participate in a lot of school activities also stand out to the teachers. Even little acts of kindness or showing that you are serious about being involved in the school can make a difference.

Sophomore Geno Delsignore is involved in the school as much as possible, which he feels is very important and always is trying to make a difference.

“Being involved with the school shows how dedicated you are with showing your school spirit and not afraid to show out and be yourself. It promotes self-love I would say,” says Delsignore.

Students of the Month for March are freshman Jaylynn Sherred, sophomore Geno Delsignore, junior Talisa Lee, and senior Chloe Neider.