Brooke Adams

Ryan Gulu is the third of his family to be a member of Show Choir.

Isabella Sferra, News Writer

Ryan Gulu explains his tips, tricks, and reasons on why the Struthers Show Choir is the place to be.

The football player tells us about how joining the show choir in his family is tradition, as he is the fourth and last of his siblings to take part in this experience.

Gulu has been a part of the Show Choir for two years and has no plan of quitting anytime soon. He even explains why.

“It’s something I really enjoy. My favorite part about performing is that I like that people get to hear me sing, and although it gets me nervous, I love the rush on stage and it boosts my confidence,” tells Gulu.

The Show Choir freshman representative was a part of their Christmas show this past December, spreading some Christmas cheer to the YMCA in Boardman, and the Wickhshire nursing home in Poland.

The future broadcaster has nothing but positive things to say about the program when asked about the ups and downs of the program.

“I think there are no cons, as long as you do your part and put in the work, all will turn out well. Some advice for some incoming freshmen is to stay true to yourself and try not to cause or be in drama, it will benefit both sides,” says Gulu.

In the upcoming spring show, the theme is Elton John, and there are lots of solos to spotlight.

Gulu even has a solo. His solo is the beginning of “Your Song.” He only leaves positive words about this opportunity.

“I am very happy that I got [a solo], but I am nervous about messing up and voice cracking. Having a solo as a freshman is rare, so I am glad for this opportunity,” says Gulu.