Abby Donnadio, Entertainment Writer

This was a movie made on April 15, 2016. The movie stars were Neville Archambault, Sean Carrigan, and PJ McCabe.

A new couple moved into a house and their landlord had cameras on their pool because when they weren’t home, he would go there and go in their pool and the couple had no idea. He loved all of the houses he owned but had to sell them. The couple found out about it and called the cops on him, so he had to get rid of the houses and went to jail.

It’s good that they made part two. It is very creepy and definitely causes fear. He wasn’t trying to be harmful and he was very old, but they didn’t care,they didn’t want him in their house. It was kind of disappointing that he got caught so fast, and the movie was only one hour and a few minutes long.

The actors did really well and how everything was laid out. The couple didn’t care after they found out he was harmless. They felt bad, and it showed that in the second movie called 14 cameras.

This movie is recommended because it is very scary and interesting. They have a movie called 14 cameras to go along with this one too. This movie deserves a 5/5 rating.