Christian Dorsett, Entertainment Writer

Bleach “TYBW” episode seven is very action-packed. This episode focuses on the head captain and his fight against the enemy leader Yhwach. It focuses on the captain’s true power.

This episode opens up with the head captain defeating multiple stern ritters before approaching Yhwach. The head captain uses his Bankai, and everyone in the soul society can feel it. With his power, he opens the fight with an attack that destroys what it touches. Yhwach manages to dodge, and the head captain uses a move that revives any person killed by his sword to outnumber him.  He won the fight, but this was not the real Yhwach. It was a stern ritter who could mimic abilities. The real Ywhach then shows himself and reveals his goal for this invasion.

The fight in this episode was amazing. It really showed how powerful the head captain is. The move that brought people back to life was a real game-changer. Viewers could feel how angry he was. It also was cool to see how the head captain fighting can give every soul reaper a moral boost. 

The plot twist was crazy with having a fake Yhwach fight the head captain while the real one had ulterior motives. He was trying to recruit one of the only people who could defeat him. He looked confident enough to defeat the head captain.

Overall, this episode deserves a 10/10. These fight scenes are animated perfectly. The animators really focused on showing the head captain’s true power as well as leaving viewers on their toes for the next episode.