Madison Marshall, Entertainment Writer

“Happy Death Day” is the well-known horror film that was very trendy in 2017 and was written by Scott Lobdell.

“Happy Death Day” is a one hour and 36 minute long movie that takes place in a college/dorm setting in most of the movie. The movie focuses on basing everything around the fact that it’s the main character’s (Tree) birthday and that someone has it out for her. Throughout the movie, Tree gets murdered on her birthday, and her day keeps repeating in different ways and she starts to try and figure out who it is to help herself.

With only 1 hour and 36 minutes, in this movie, the writer Scott Lobdell did not fail one bit with the conflict. This movie has many plot twists; even if you think they are done with the twists, there’s more coming. The twists made the movie better and always had me on edge no matter what.

“Happy Death Day” has a lot of mini-jumpscares, but it’s not a horror movie that is constantly always going to try and pop up in your face. However, it does have little bits in the movie where you’ll definitely jump at least a little bit no matter who you are.

In all, “Happy Death Day” is recommended for teens and adult audiences. It is rated 8.5/10.