Zander "Z" Parrish, Entertainment Writer

Are you tired of driving on the road like a wimp? Do you wish you could own the road? Do you want to have the best joyride of your life? Then, this guide is for you.

Are you ready to enhance your driving experience? Here are some few easy steps to  drive like a pro.

Step 1: Who needs a driver’s license? Who needs insurance? Just DRIVE.

Step 2: When you are driving your totally legitimate, not stolen vehicle of your choice, don’t worry about turn signals or stop signs! They can’t tell you what to do! You’re the man!

Step 3: Traffic Lights are there to light your way, but you don’t need help! Knock ’em down!

Step 4: Do not pay attention to the sirens and lights behind you, just keep driving.

Step 5: Oops! You flipped your car over! Turns out you were driving like an idiot after all.

This guide has blown up.