Olivia Tondy, Entertainment Writer

The well-known fast food chain McDonald’s has been in business since 1955, which makes the chain about 67 years old. It is known for their tasty french fries. 

McDonald’s serves many other things besides their delicious french fries such as hamburgers and their known burger the “Big Mac.” They also serve chicken nuggets, their new chicken sandwiches, regular and spicy, and also fish sandwiches. For desserts, they have amazing McFlurrys, milkshakes, cinnamon rolls, apple fritters, and lastly blueberry muffins. The McDonald’s fast food chain was founded in San Bernardino, California. There are now 38,000 McDonald’s all around the world, and they are now doing better than ever. 

A positive thing about McDonald’s is their ability to get customers in and out of the drive through as quickly as possible while still being efficient. McDonald’s is a popular fast food chain, so it tends to get very busy. The workers are always on top of things and handle customers properly. 

A negative about McDonald’s is the cleanliness of the dining room. It is hard sometimes to keep up with the dinning room of a restaurant or even a fast food place when rush hour comes around, but cleanliness is definitely a top priority and something customers look for when they are eating somewhere. Nobody wants to eat on a dirty table or even use a restroom when it is not cleaned properly. Cleanliness is a huge factor in the business industry. 

In all, McDonald’s is a great fast food place to eat for everyone. It is rated 8/10.